Tuesday, March 31, 2015

EnCore "Comeback" Album by Kleinabermein

The next-greatest publicity for a musical entity is to die, because the "comeback" from that is the best move it could ever make (except, in most cases, to never have started in the first place).

So it goes with Kleinabermein, which is not hereby returning from retirement, but resurrected, stone rolled-away, stigmata in hand – the whole bit.

Download on Bandcramp; CD available soonish.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Use whatever batteries empower you."

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My SXSW 2015 Favorites

SXSW 2015 is over, except for a few milking-it "finale" shows this evening. As the smoke clears and the blood dries, some highlights from the Film and Music segments remain in my brain, in relief from the decidedly good and the admittedly bad (which are but a tiny minority, and likely according to taste rather than to standards – the latter being too often mistaken for the former). These musical entitites and films have inspired me in a general sense; rather than feeling justifiably intimidated by them, I feel encouraged to persist in my own folly. Before I get on with the chore of sorting through accumulated business cards, URLs and promotional trinkets, here's the list of stuff I really liked at SXSW 2015:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just an Old-Fashioned Dumbass Pop Song

Friday, March 6, 2015

3-into-1 Japanese Mother-Son Movie Anthology

For those who prefer the canonic retrospective acqusition in lieu of the "I-was-there" serial releases, there is now the CD-only release of Study Comfort, comprising all but one of the tracks of the three Japanese Mother-Son Movie EPs.

With a running time of just under 48 minutes, this is an album-length collection whose progressive varitety keeps the listener either engaged or unsettled for its duration.

Monday, March 2, 2015

You Are Whom You Imitate

These famous romantic dyads figure in the narrative of this song:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3rd (and Final) Japanese Mother-Son Movie EP Available

The third, and final (and most stylisitcally-diverse) EP by Japanese Mother–Son Movie is now available for download on Bandcamp. Included are some "bonus" related graphics and audio files.

The CD can be purchased here.

As with Kleinabermein a year ago and Dicklyn Fut last month, yet another mission has been accomplished, a cycle completed, an error drawn to a close.

Frankly, I'm kinda over this "weirdo" stuff, because I want to straighten-up my act so that normal people with lots of money might like me better.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WTF? A Dickyn Fut Collection, That's What

In a true (capricious, volatile) punk-rock manner, right after the release of the third Dicklyn Fut EP, it's time to break-up the band and capitalize on the career-retrospective collection. 

What the Fut consists of songs culled from the EPs (minus the instrumentals, the remixes, and the like). Pared of the fat, it's a lean, mean album unto itself.

Available for download on Bandcamp.
The CD edition (with bonus track) is available here.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mustered by Dicklyn Fut

Mustered, the new EP attributed to Dicklyn Fut, is now available for download on Bandcamp. This one consists of four songs interspersed with five brief "interstitial" whatzits; totals 18 minutes.

Roughish punk-pop. Whatever. Describing music by generic juxtaposition or cross-comparison is about as subjective as one's appreciation or understanding of music, so just listen to it.

  The CD edition is available here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So I'm a sellout – you got a problem with that?

After reading this article, I decided that it's not bad to let some corporate devils use my music to sell slave-labor-made sneakers or gas-guzzling, overly-ostentatious luxury automobiles derived from military personnel transport vehicles. In fact, commercials for things I would never buy in good conscience if I had the fiscal means to do so might just "flip" to commercials for My Music by Me. Besides, if I can't find a job and might just lose my apartment, should I set my sights lower, such as on a pair of knee pads at the bus station – or think in terms of my forward advancement and upward moblity when I might have the opportunity for it?

I started sifting through my vast repertoire of songs, and decided upon the following examples of product-branding candidates. (Listen after the jump.)

Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Stevitch Thing

Sleep on This is a new 60-minute sleep-music piece attributed to Stevitch. Not exactly sweet-dreams material, though experiments have shown some "interesting" results. Made to be played on "repeat" and at low volume while gettin' 40 winks, catchin' some shut-eye, makin' Zs, or sawin' logs.

Download it at Bandcamp.

The download is "name-your-price," meaning that you can enter "0" if you don't want to pay anything for it. Just don't bug me for a refund on your time, nor blame me for what you'd dreamed about while this was playing: you should be embracing that stuff.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lyubov Compilation Expanded

Another compilation updated for re-distribution under a new digital distibution service: Lyubov, which will be appearing soon on iTunes, Amazon, Beats Music and Spitofy. Now available for download on Bandcamp.

This revision comprises all but two songs of the original edition, some songs from compilations Mommy Was Pretty and Persistence of Memorrhea, plus some songs from previously-underived albums and EPs, with songs dating from 2010–2014.

A CD of this compilation should be available within a couple weeks. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Compilation Re-Named and Re-Issued

Formerly entitled The Octomom of Pop and comprising 22 songs, I was informed that the word "Octomom" is a trademark of the notorious hyper-fecund welfare mother/porn star (despite her not having come up with the moniker herself) and is thereby unlawful to use in connection with my musical product, I have re-named the compilation You're in for a Good Time.

Download this puppy on Bandcamp. There will be no CD edition, but CD-package artwork for it is included with the download.

This compilation and the compilations My Velvet Rut and the expanded edition of Lyubov will by my inaugural releases through a new digital-distribution service, after having parted acrimoniously with the one I had been using. These will be distributed to Spitofy, iTunes, Amazon and Beats Music. I won't name, lest I prematurely endorse, the distrtibutor to which I've switched, but this one charges only $20 per year for an unlimited amount of releases, and yields monthly payment of 100% of royalties, which, for me, hits the spot and everything around it.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Memetic Heretic Album Now Available

Memetic Heretic is now available for download on Bandcamp.
The CD edition (with four bonus tracks) is available here.

See also:
Emotional Contagion
Social Osmosis
Cultural Selection

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Compilation: Taking It Out (Elements 2010–2014)

Here's another compilation for ya: Taking It Out (Elements 2010–2014), 23 selected drones, atmospheres and other audio bits that I've used in production of my music by me over from 2010 into this year, totaling 50 minutes of decontextualized oddities. Expressly for anyone interested in gaining insight into my creative process over the past few years. Some might find many of these bits "listenable" on their own; they were intended to be effective as parts of mixes or arrangements of songs.

Stream it all and buy it on Bandcamp.
The CD is available here.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Persistence of Memorrhea Compilation Available

Persistence of Memorrhea, a new My Music by Me Music sampler compilation, is now available for download on Bandcamp. It comprises 13 songs by Colin Ambulance, Dicklyn Fut, Kleinabermein, Japanese Mother–Son Movie, and Me.

The CD edition (with bonus trackage and an arty package) is available here. I'll also have it streaming on Spitofy, since Taylor Swift's cleared some space for me there.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Price Abatement on Bandcamp

One of my interests of online research is the penultimately despotic regime of the DPRK. Mine is a decidedly-disapporoving ponerological fascination with this 25-million-member dysfunctional family. Although it might seem egregious enough to us in the ideological "West," it is among the least of the horrors of North Korean government to forbid its citizens access to the world-wide Internet. Ironically, reading about everyday atrocities committed in the DPRK's gulags on websites that have in their sidebars filled with links to infotainment articles about celebrity sideboobs and other things considered newsworthy in the USA should prod one into considering the folly of our mindless affluence, the luxury of conscienceless living in a "free" capitalist society, rather than in an harshly-impoverished, stringently-regimented, brutally-indoctrinated quasi-Stalinist society. Contrast video footage of American "Black Friday" situations and their ruthlessly competitive, violently avaricious bloodlust-for-stuff with this video of an opening of a super-mall in North Korea, in which citizens wander about the place as though through a museum, curiously pointing at and eyeing from a distance the items on display (and perhaps for display only), not knowing what to make of them, without it ever occurring to them to buy the stuff – nor even to want the stuff – thanks to chronically barely being able to keep themselves fed. In terms of privation and austerity in the DPRK, that's just the foam on the latte (as it were – and there probably isn't anywhere to get a latte in North Korea).

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Doing This Available As Download and As CD

My 10-song collection Doing This is now available for download on Bandcamp. The CD edition is available here.

These songs (either spoken or sung – though in my case, same thing) were first composed as lyrics, then realized with music, with "minimal" and "mood" as guidewords. The results are succinct stabs at punching holes in the Ether.

Monday, November 3, 2014

White People Have My Brain Hooked-Up to a Machine (and They're Trying to Steal My Music and My Sound) D/L & CD

White People Have My Brain Hooked-Up to a Machine is available for download on Bandcamp here.

Its companion set, . . . and They're Trying to Steal My Music and My Sound, is likewise available – here.

Both are on one CD,
which adds a bonus track.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Report from Austin, Texas

"I'm sick of this 'live music' imperative in this town. It's like porn: I go to a coffee shop, and there's a porn video playing on big-screen TV? I'm at the farmer's market on Sunday morning, and there's a live sex show in the middle of it? I go have dinner with someone at a pizza restaurant, and someone gets up on stage and reads Letters to Penthouse over a microphone so loudly that it competes with my conversation? I had my window open this past weekend, and I should have heard 20,000 people screwing all the way from Zilker Park? No. Same should go for 'live' music. Canned music, even. I can enjoy that at home, too – when I'm in the mood for it."

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 2nd EP by Japanese Mother/Son Movie

The first set by Japanese Mother/Son Movie, released in April of last year, was a kick in the pants (but whether in the back or in the front is subjective); people have been either amused or disturbed by it. The vocals of non-human origin might have had something to do with that. In the meantime, though JM/SM had yielded only one brief set, I haven't regarded it as a step-child.

Even so, it had been a while, so I had to say, "Dudes, gimme another, or I'll have to take your name off the masthead." We got to work, and squirted-out six tracks. Again, non-human vocals, though one track also features humans either speaking (in English) or vocalizing animalistically. For my purposes, this set was sufficiently as similar and different; it may be easier or more difficult to listen to.

So: Madonna by Japanese Mother/Son Movie is available for download on Bandcamp. The CD can be purchased via the link there, or directly here.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dogo: Noise for the Sake Thereof

New trick-baby in the MMBMM family: Dogo by Stevitch. Some noise dudes in the Ukraine wanted to hijack my cred, so I told 'em to let me put their stuff out or I'd hire someone via the Unternet to take care of 'em.

Aw, just funnin'ya – I'd done this stuff in July and didn't know whether I liked it that much. A couple months later, I find that it beats the sounds of my A/C and 'fridge together, so I'm making it available for download on Bandcamp. Enter "0" for the price so that you won't feel ripped-off; just don't bug me for a refund on your time. 67 minutes of required endurance. The CD is available here.

Dedicated to Casper : then / now

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fabric of the Fantasy Now As CD & Download

My new album by me, The Fabric of the Fantasy, is now available for download on Bandcamp and as a CD. 

I personally like this one very much. Pretty good. Not bad. Doesn't suck. Best one in a while, frankly.

Listen to the sampler medley via the Bandcamp link or in the Listen & Buy section.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Bad Songs by Dicklyn Fut: CD and Download

Bad Songs by Dicklyn Fut – five songs plus two alternate mixes - is now available on CD and for download on Bandcamp.

This EP differs from the previous one by starting off mellower but proceeding with folk-punk songs with even cruder lyrics, one of which is perhaps the most blasphemous song ever recorded. Suckle a bit of sauce from the faucet on Bancamp.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two CD-Only Compilations Now Available

Scraping-Out the Can to Pad the Resume is a CD-only release, since the accompanying artwork is too fabtastic to despoil with text, and I like the gimmick of having to insert the disc into iTunes to see what the tracks' titles are.

Composed of instrumental mixes and elemental pieces employed in the mixes of some songs. Some of these are contemporaneous with other outtakes I've released previously, but overlooked in that process.
20 tracks @ 47 minutes.

Purchase the CD here
Zusammenstellung (erweiterte Auflage) is a CD-only expanded edition of the Kleinabermein compilation, with revised artwork. 23 tracks, comprising representative tracks from all of the Kleinabermein albums.

Purchase the CD hier.

You can, alternately, download the 17-track compilation on Bandcamp for $5 – or pay considerably more for it on iTunes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Blues in Red

Last weekend, I watched Fatherland, a 1986 film about a dissident songwriter in East Berlin who is "officially obliged" to go to West Berlin (and, by ideological extension, to the indefinite "West") to pursue his singing/songwriting career. The problem is, however, that he remains, by nature, clear-eyed and critical, and not given to keeping his opinions on the down-low just because they might be unpopular by cutting through the crap with which everyone else goes along in order to get along. If the film had contented itself with the message of how capitalism stifles authentic artistic expression, however, it would have made a succinct and powerful statement – but it over-reached its own aim by exploiting this premise as a pretext for becoming yet another story of rooting-out an elderly Nazi war criminal living incognito. Nevertheless, its proper point was well-made, as indicated in the succession of subtitled screencaps presented after the jump.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Re-Wind Re-Mix/Re-Arrangement Album Now on CD

Now available on CD is Re-Wind, a collection of 10 songs with new mixes or new arrangements taken from the albums released over the past year's time. These versions may or may not be "improvements;" they are primarily intended to be significantly different. Buy the CD here or find it on the CD Editions page.

Re-Wind is also available for download (FLAC, MP3, whatever) on Bandcamp.

The CD edition includes a 23-minute "bonus" re-mix of a song from the album My Beautiful World

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Dream of Your Dream of My Dream of You : Available

Another one to throw onto the pile! My Dream of Your Dream of My Dream of You has nine selections @ 30 minutes-and-change, for a glimmering example of brevity's being the soul of wit: seven songs plus two non-filler "soundscape" things. The CD features a bonus 15-minute "remash" thingy.

The idea behind this set of songs was to use no guitar (for the first time in almost three years) and to render tehm as my idea of "electropop." Not exactly Black Cherry, but convincing enough for a guy who's too punk-rock for Hollywood.

Listen & download FLAC/MP3/whatever at Bandcamp. CD directly available here and on the CD list site.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why I am such a jerk by Colin Ambulance

The second EP, Why I am such a jerk, by Colin Ambulance, is now available for any-format download on Bandcamp. For the CD edition, click here.

These new songs are deeper and darker than those of the previous set, and only one of them (the final one; in Italian) is about a girl's butt. The greater attention to production and arrangement – while keeping things swiftly proceeding in order to keep pace with Colin's writing – complements the varied subjects and their tones.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making Music Your Own "Remash" Now CD or Download

Now available for sale (and streaming) via Bandcamp is Making Music Your Own, a 40-minute montage/remix/remash of performances and sonic elememts realized for the album Exit Plan.

The package design and title are intentional emulations/homages/rip-offs of those of records in the educational series Making Music Your Own published by the Silver Burdett Company in the late 1960s, for the reason that their influence is among the formative causes for my being drawn to, and sucked into, music-making. (Gotta blame somebody.)

The CD edition is available here

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Exit Plan Available as CD and Download

Yup – another to add to the pile. My album Exit Plan is now available on CD, in addition to any-format download via Bandcamp. My publicist commanded me to rock this blurbiage in its favor:

Ten tracks @ 40 minutes: avant-noise, '80s-style electro-pop, '70s-style soft-rock, spoken-wordiness, mean-ass slab-slammin' wrock, enossified clintonic electrofunk, whatever, blablabla . . . The lyrics go so far beyond all that; you have no idea.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Velvet Rut: Another Compilation of Stuff by Me

It seemed in order to post another compilation of "my stuff" on Spotify, iTunes, et al., so I culled 20 songs to form My Velvet Rut: Another Compilation of Stuff by Me. Most of the recordings date from the past couple of years; the final two tracks throw allaway back to 2011, when I was still wet behind the cojones.

Presently available for download on Bandcamp, with a bonus track almost 15 minutes in duration.
The CD edition is available via the Bandcamp page.

Full tracklisting and respective provenances here.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Films That I Liked at SXSW 2014

Call me a traitor to my race, but I paid far more attention to the films than to the music during SXSW, this year. I did see a couple films which I didn't like that much, and I even walked-out on one, but in general, the quality of the films screening at SXSW is consistently staggering. Even the films which verge on mediocre have something brilliant about them – a performance, cinematography, an original score – that redeems them as memorable. Bear in mind that there were scores of films that I did not see; it's just impossible to see all the films whose synopses one finds interesting. These are the films, in no particular order, and for varying reasons, which I'd liked enough to recommend (after the jump):

Monday, March 3, 2014

Das letzte Album von Kleinabermein

After having very recently completed the previous Kleinabermein album (see below), I realized that the impetus behind those works had run its course; that there was no more to be found in such "darkness" but more darkness. It no longer became possible to make this sort of "music" with a sense of humor in the mix, and this mode of expression had become self-limiting by virtue of its self-definition.

To pre-emtively gratify any future inclination to do so, and since some "final statement" should be made, I have completed what will be the final Kleinabermein album. It is entitled Himmeloderhoelle – one continuous hour of glacially-paced electrocreep. Probably great for sex on drugs, but so what?

Available as download via Bandcamp; also as CD. If you're going for the download, do so in a lossless format (i.e., FLAC), as encoding to lossy format (i.e., MP3, OGG) will likely result in clipping artefacts due to the heaviness of the low-end frequencies.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Aptly-Entitled Album by Kleinabermein

The latest album by Kleinabermein is Bullshit. (I love titles which also serve as succinct reviews.) Four tracks at 36 minutes; last of which is 20 minutes in required duration. While resembling the precedents of past works, this album features also human vocals with intelligible language (English, for the masses).

Available as download on Bandcamp; also as CD.

In all candor, this one is hard for me to listen to, so if you're into this sort of thing, it's right up your dark, stinky alley.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mommy Was Pretty Compilation

The My Music by Me Music label sampler Mommy Was Pretty is available for sale via iTunes. The compilation features Kleinabermein, Colin Ambulance, Dicklyn Fut, Creeps Ahoy!, Blood Turds, Japanese Mother-Son Movie, some guy named Steve Fitch, and some other band, whose name I can't recall at the moment.

But do us both a favor, and download it via Bandcamp. You can also listen to it, and rip crappy, scratchy-sounding low-bitrate streams of the selections instead of enjoying the full-fidelity goodness of the lossless files available for purchase, on that page.

Even better: CD

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Non-Man Now Available as CD and Download

Non-Man is now available for download on Bandcamp and as a CD. Eight songs at 25 mintues, plus a 15-minute thingamawhatzit at the end of the CD. Yeah, kinda brief – but what I call "succinct." Sometimes ya just gotta make your point and leave it at that.

Any animal I like or I resemble is welcome for a temporary stay. Hums of my appliances accompany my waking thoughts in lieu of a tender vox humana. Life has missed me; I'm crazy, but not dangerous; I hold back as much as I let fly. I'm a non-man.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Scott M. Phillips (1964-2014)

Scott Phillips by me, October. 2013
Last night I received an e-mail, from a friend in NYC, informing me that our friend Scott Phillips, had died in Washington, DC, last weekend. He would have turned 50 this April. It might seem somehow auspicious or spooky that, since last Saturday, I've had trouble sleeping at night, or that, all week, I'd been "intending" to post something about Scott's musical and cinematic efforts because dude (in living form) needed some mad props to the max (as we used to say back in the '80s), or that I had been perpetually forestalling honoring his request to put an autographed copy of the 12" EP by his band Sarcastic Orgasm on eBay to "test the market" for it. Then again, it might not seem so spooky, amounting to my being a negligent friend too engrossed in his own troubles to properly appreciate a motherfucker. Now, all that's reduced to this.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Deal with the Devil

I had this dream in which I was standing in line behind a lot of other people, waiting for my turn to be admitted to Hell. The queque advanced slowly, as the Devil, seated at a lectern just outside the entrance, read aloud, from a large book,  an account of each person's personal history in order to justify that person's admission to the Eternal Inferno. When it came my turn, the Devil began to read the history of my life, but fell silent as he read to himself. Seeming almost ashamed, he looked up at me and apoiogized, "Sorry, but you've already been through Hell. Get outa here."

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Okay – yeah, so – like, Dicklyn Fut . . .

Pictures of Her Arms by Dicklyn Fut now has a companion set of "remixes," essentially the same set but different. 

Pictures of Her Arms

Remixes of Her Arms

The two are now available as separate downloads on Bandcamp, and/or on one CD

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dreizehn by Kleinabermein Available

The thirteenth emission attributed to Kleinabermein is now available for download on Bandcamp – hier.

The 26-miunte piece Dreizehn could have fleshed-out the previous Gott hat gesprochen, whose total running time of 30 minutes might seem scant by the convention of the CD delivery/playback medium, but it stands as unique thematically, aesthetically, and intentionally. Kleinabermein itself is particulary unconcerned with conventions, anyway.

Also available on CD, if you must.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's just one of those times,

when I just can't seem to get any momentum going; no progress seems probable; possibility is a moot point.

I'm not despairing, just rolling around on my back, down here on the floor. All this lolling back-and-forth is really making me hungry, so if you're not gonna help me up onto my feet, at least pop a treat into my mouth so I can keep going and you can keep enjoying the spectacle of my ridiculous predicament.

Now go to my Bandcamp page and buy something.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Das zwölfte Album von Kleinabermein

New Kleinabermein set – three @ 30 – available at Bandcamp, where you can listen to a sampler medley of the three selections, and even puchase the CD edition if you require something tangible for your money.

Fokom (4:15)
Susan Wiley (1:45)
Frauenfeidnlich (24:00)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

God is looking out for me.

After having watched Marilyn Manson's video for his song "Long Hard Road out of Hell," the suggestions for other videos to watch came up with other Marilyn Manson videos – except for the inclusion of the video "Top 10 Best Cat Videos of All Time." God must be trying to divert me from the sinister influence of Satanic rock. Hmmm . . . sure is tempting. The cat video, I mean.

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Beautiful World Album Available – CD and Download

My new album by me, My Beautiful World, is now available for download on Bandcamp
and as a CD here.

Eleven songs at just under 43 minutes.

Listen to the sampler medley on its Bandcamp page.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Idiot by Me Now on CD Only

In July of last year, I recorded a song from Iggy Pop's 1977 album The Idiot, and then I did another, and another – until it looked like I was re-making the entire album; so I did.

Shortly after having completerd it, I had a very-limited run of CDs made, using in the package design the painting that Iggy imitates on the cover of the album, with the intention of sending copies to him and David Bowie, the authors of the songs. Soon after that, I posted it for download on Bandcamp, but now I have it available on CD at wholesale price - here.

Listen to the sampler medley of the songs below, and read more about this release after the jump.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

For the Beethoven Fan I Met Last Night

The Heiligenstadt TestamentA letter written by Beethoven to his brothers Carl and Johann on 6 October 1802 concerning his increasing deafness. An addendum is dated 10 October 1802. It was discovered among his papers after his death and published (in German) in October 1827.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Four Titles Now Available on CD

The following CDs can be found on the off-site CD page, and their download counterparts on the Listen & Buy page, the Kleinabermein page on the Others By Me page: 

Scopophilia (Formerly-Private Mixes 2009–2013) (CD-only) 
Kleinabermein: Passive Authoritarian Subjugation by Active Abuse of Congeniality
Kleinabermein: O Fiende, nicht diese Töne

ADDENDUM, 9 OCT: Nein by Kleinabermein is now available on physical playbback medium.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Customer-Service-Oriented Album by Kleinabermein

The eleventh Kleinabermein album, Passive Authoritarian Subjugation by Active Abuse of Congeniality, is now available for download on Bandcamp, and as a CD – here.

I've been shopping at this store for the past 15 years, and I pay for everything I walk out with, and I work for every penny I spend – so if you really want to follow me around, I'm "going to have to" consider it stalking and call the Police.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I love these cute/funny animal videos online.

Call me sappy or wimpy, but the heart-warming effect of animals-being-animals fascinates me for hours, whereas the cynicism of porn leaves me feeling left-out, ripped-off and wishing I could have my time back.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Oldest-Known Rock Music?

To find the gems, one really has to dig. It's not enough to comb the record bins for hours – ya gotta dive into the dumpsters behind the record stores, bug the guy at the swap meet about what's in that fruit crate in the compartment on the side of his RV, sneak up into your grampa's attic and look under where the decades-old "gentlemen's" magazines are stashed . . .

Well, it looks like I've unearthed a find, and of truly archaeological nature: the only known record by the Ancient-Roman band, Volumus Maximus, entitled Petram et Volumen Tota Nocte, which, according to Google Translate, means, "Rock-n-roll all night." Purportedly recorded circa 30 BC, and engraved on the verso of the very disc depicted on the "cover" image.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Life by Me

Just released: a seven-song suite entitled The Life.

I don't know what sort of bluriage to use to describe it. Maybe it would appeal to those who prefer Kleinabermein material to just mein.

Buy it, after having listened to the sampler medley, on Bandcamp.

Supplementally, and in its own right, I recommend the documentary film The Pruitt-Igoe Myth.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Six-Hour Album by Me

Conceptual art, or practical joke? I've rarely perceived a distinction between the two, myself – except for when conceptual art transcends its need to be "explained" in order to be "appreciated," thereby being as self-justifying as any other.

Yes: as six-hour album by me - available by download, of course. Read all about La portée, and buy it, here.

The sources for these pieces were selectively-mixed backing tracks from my Bellybuttonhole album.