Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

About Abandoning this Site

I had been maintaining this blog/site for six years – since August, 2009, soon after I had started making music again after 15 years of non-musicality. This site documented the regeneration and rehabilitation of a limb which I had gnawed-off in order to escape from a trap back in May of '94, and with disarmingly prolific results. I felt, however, that an ongoing documentation of artistic renaissance had turned into a board game, with too much "content" and directions to contend with. On my end, it had become like some towering edifice blocking sunlight and distorting my sense of the scale of my very humanity in relation to the landscape. Its single-page replacement, with links to where all the stuff's really hosted anyway (and with a likewise more concise URL), is intended as the equivalent to living by the beach, where the celestial bodies and the elements keep me reminded of what and who I am, and of why I do what I do.